星期二, 11月 24, 2015

UFO book prophecy November 2015 Paris attacks

Pray in Paris at the same time help, think about this for fear of attack ISIS no good, the only beneficiaries are the arms sellers, as well as military control people love to war dictator,
ISIS just to spread fear.
When the French troops with planes bombing easily ISIS country, people who live in the stable food and clothing of the people did not feel totally horrible war, and now they realize that, but the next reaction is that we unite to destroy all those who ISIS, with hatred eliminate hatred, and ultimately cultivate a greater devil, I think the Earth humans do not learn to love and forgive, and ultimately only to destroy each other. the best way is to destroy arms and ammunition production and R & D.

The Sixth Time: The collapse precipitates. Satan orders the events to step forward. 
The acceleration of the climatic changes is noticeable.
 The epoch of the droughts has arrived. 
The sky shuts-up ... all seek redeeming answers, but the skies stay shut. The rivers overflow, and mud avalanches bury homes and children. Domestic animals perish, the days of hunger begin. 
The days shorten. 
The space achievements continue, and new diseases appear. 
The days of the great tribulations for Earth arrive. Terrorism is at its height. 
The politicians play cards. It is the time of slander and lie; all is a play of words. 
The time of the honest and just man is gone; it is the time of the dishonest, the crook, and the time of the lie. The honest worker is blamed for the evil; the powerful believe that it is time for additional profits-- the banker, the industrialist, the businessman, the swindler. Blackmail and corruption are raised to glorious status. Already, we can hear the steps of the "Great Manipulator." It is his crop and his time. It becomes notorious, the political force of an Organization that expects to rule the world. Genetic experiments are made known, which will degenerate into terrible evil.
 The Vivifier Force appears, the foundation of Man, the immutable energy ... the Chosen Ones carry it. ... The assault by hunger emerges. The world economy collapses. The first symptom of new diseases attack mercilessly; they have no cure, and death is the only hope for relief. The volcanoes that slept in peace, now wake up. They open their mouths, are all in accordance. Pollution has broken slowly the spine of the planet. Hates increase, and now the turbulent crowd looks for scapegoats. ... Industries fall, commerce closes, unemployment increases, information is blocked. Solutions proposed are only apparent. The situation worsens, the economy cracks. The "experts" are no experts. The means are illegal, the good ones cooperate.
 War arrives proudly and sits at the throne of the nations, dominates, and as a plague it extends. No way, the wise were not heard; it is too late. .. 
! it is the crop of what the dwellers planted, The punishment that the inhabitants looked for. Fire comes down. ... 
The sphere will drop with its deathly load; death has wings.
 The armies are mobilized ... the weapons are the lords of hell. he earth groans and convulses in death tremors, and tremendous agony. The aberrations of climate signal the passage of the great changes. Materialistic humanity plunges into the abyss ... these are its last yells.
 World production decreases because of great rains tremendous droughts. The ones who can, buy land. wise, plant. The planetary changes shall increase. structure of the earth crumbles, the inner layers move; veins are torn, her blood boils ... the scars open. ... you ... chiefs of state, ministers, majors, military, and judges, pressmen, doctors and lawyers, financiers and speculators ... voiced dolls. .. ! you, laborer and worker, do not be tempted by the illusory gold. cup is full, be careful ! prophecy has been fulfilled in its first part. 

Seventh Time:  The throne has been occupied by death. It spreads and hits the countries that before were full of pride and riches. 
Those of the old tribe and brothers detect triumph for now. The Great Continent is now a graveyard. Italy and France, (November 2015 Paris attacks
and Spain also. The bastions fall. Alliances are made.(anti-Isis coalition Military intervention against ISIL)
THE governments, very busy with the war. 

Those of the copper-colored face attack and win also.
 The Bear and The Eagle, The Shoe and The Flower, 
The Shield and The Dog, together must win. The great dictator has spoken; the world listens and trusts him. Meanwhile.... the foundations of the earth have started to move. Atlas is wounded ... deathly wounded. The cities fall.(Because heavier bombing damage hewn environment)
 The Church staggers. Cities are sunk. The sea boils, and its waters revolve. Hunger is now the great winner. The damned, the deadly Confederation has been created. All the North and the South are in great tribulation.

 The seed has been winnowed and is in the granary.
 New shores in the meanwhile have been traced. 
The capsule is ready; it is numbered ... and waits. ... The vengeful criminal wears a turban;
 the False Prophet succeeds greatly, and people marvel. People's representatives before the law are powerless; their voice is not valid. In many countries the established law does not act; a single power remains. There are men with much power, who act on their own.
 This will be another terrible mistake. On the other hand, the words of the powerful spread. His peace declarations and statutes that he will establish ,will be accepted. It is only a stratagem. 
Look at what I tell you; use your judgment.
 Due to him, many of those who carry the inner light shall be butchered in the public square. He is not the Signaled of the Times! He is the butcher of the sweet voice and the pale face, the dark eyes and saintly mien. His miracles are for deceit; his wisdom comes from the black pit.
 True wisdom is not arrogant, does not cause pain, is not used for vengeance. ... Look at him walking, listen to his words, notice his gestures. Listen carefully to his formulations and teachings, and look at his companies. His apparent wisdom takes you to death, his acceptance, a jump into darkness. He, without knowing it, is the rod with which the world, and man, will be measured. Be prudent, then. During these times, greed shall take you to death! These are the years of confusion and doubt, the years of election and selection. Who dresses in humility in the search, will find wisdom. Who uses kindness, obtains happiness. Who feeds on beauty, obtains perfection. Who listens to good teachings, learns from the sage and gets knowledge from the old man. Who drinks only from Truth, receives the gift from the spirit. Who gives Love and keeps Good Conduct, his prize is the Light of Understanding, and never will he be alone. Then, be magnanimous when you possess power, be just when judging. Be fair and not covetous in your business.
 Learn to forget, forget vengeance, and Peace will be granted you. Be honest and peaceful, men worthy and meek. Renew your spirit, and you will receive grace from heaven; the time has begun for justice to shine. It has never been absent, it has only been hidden, and it shall tear the hypocrites from their pedestals. Meanwhile, the earth cracks; its veins bulge, streams overflow, and riverbeds tear ... just wait.' 
The Eighth Time,New preparations for destruction. Weapons are flying
. The false leader has power The world gives him authorization. 
The Yellow Skin, the coveri:nt did not respect. 
Their armies sweep the enemy. The capsule is hurled. Men are consumed. The world is mute. The armies melt like molten lead. It is the surprise, the feared lethal weapon. Their flesh shall disintegrate, and before their knees bend they shall be dead.
 Those of the brotherly alliance begin to triumph. The Condor to the Eagle, food he shall give. The lands from the South, sustenance shall send. The signals in the sky shall continue in sight. Insanity is the master of all; suicides shall increase, and for many will be the only door to peace. The time is arrived, for the moon and the sun their color modify. With an unusual eclipse, great darkness will arrive. The mortal weapons will be hurled. The casualties shall be like grass leaves in the fields. Two hundred million will be maimed, then destroyed and consumed. The earth heats up, its pain increases, has fever inside; 3reat cities "perspire" at 45 and 50 degrees centigrade. The foundations of the earth are disturbed, and it throws up gases and poisonous vermin. The chain breaks into lava; the fire is liquid. The waters take revenge and invade nation by nation. Fire also rains in tongues streaming from the sky. Meanwhile, hunger keeps harassing. Scenes of a terrible drama, the family will live to obtain wheat. Dantesque street spectacles will be seen all over. Terrorism is at its peak and invades the sea and the air.


UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity

The True Story of a Contactee
book cover
Translated from the Spanish, this book is acclaimed throughout South America.
In the early 1970s, the author met a man at a movie theater in Caracas, Venezuela, and began a friendship lasting four months. Three years later, this same "man" greeted him as he was taken on board the Peiadean ship for the first time. Enrique was later to board space ships four more times over two years. A highly respected engineer, known for his genuine credulity, he dramatically changed his life to research these amazing encounters.
The author's true story of how events unfolded, from the ship rising out of a lake to his descriptions of the mother ship, and his visit to a concealed, self-sufficient community high in the mountains, all lead the reader to a compelling conclusion: the universe is teeming with intelligent, conscious beings who are able to transcend "time" and "space" as they move in and out of our "reality."
From the visitors: "We are here carrying out a very special mission. We belong to a very developed civilization, sister to others, from which we have received specific orders regarding Planet Earth. From antiquity, we have contacted other men, belonging to various cultures. We have influenced their thinking through what you call "Masters." But not only on this planet, also on others: we have contributed to their scientific, cultural, and spiritual development."